Homeowners 101: Recordkeeping

As Spring approaches, most of us start to do projects around the house. This year, while you’re cleaning and repairing, take some time to start a record keeping system to to organize the information relating to your house and property. For example, when was your air conditioner unit installed? What company replaced your roof? Where […]

Creek Week – March 17 – 24 (FUN for the whole family!)

Do you know where your water comes from? Here in Alamance County, we source our public water from three different places: Lake Mackintosh, Stoney Creek Reservoir, and the Graham-Mebane Lake. If you live in a more rural area, you may get your water from a well. No matter if you have well or city water, […]

Diverging Diamond

We can’t decide if “Diverging Diamond” sounds like the name of a romance novel or a James Bond movie. In reality, it’s the name of the new configuration of exit 153 in Mebane. Designed with safety and time savings in mind, this new interchange pattern switches lanes to the left side of the road as […]

A Valentine’s Day Ode to a Home Inspector

You know the song “Blind Love” by Bon Jovi? Love really can be blind. But as a Realtor, I can tell you that there’s no blind love like the one some people have for a home they want to buy. If you’ve got stars in your eyes about a particular home, we want to make […]

Not So Super Bowl

I was excited about the Super Bowl. I was. I love football, and I have followed it since I was nine years old. I love to watch defense, and how the linebackers are the quarterbacks of the defense. But this year, I’ll have to be honest. I’m just disappointed in the match. I was hoping […]

Double in 2018

2017 was a great year for us. Deidre joined our group as a buyer’s agent. We’ve done monthly education events to make sure we are keeping up with the latest in real estate and technology. We’ve ramped up our presence on Facebook, and we’ve blogged regularly. We were able to give back through United Way, […]

Resolution: Sell Your Home This Month!

Forget the weight loss and the diet. Let’s sell your house this month. Right now there are only 362 active home listings in Alamance County. Last January, I remarked that I’d never seen such low inventory, and it’s gone even further down by almost 100 houses! The sweet spot is for homes priced between $150 […]

Now’s the Time for Luxury Homes You Can Afford

You’ve been hearing us say for months that it’s a seller’s market. And it is. Prices on most homes are going up almost across the board. Almost. Sale prices for luxury homes – those over $400,000 are actually declining, and there is actually a ten month supply of homes in the 400K to 600K range. […]

How to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

The weather is bitterly cold, and it’s not over! Even if your pipes haven’t ever frozen, with this ‘bomb cyclone’ headed our way, you may need to take some precautions to make sure there isn’t a first time. These are things that you can do today – without leaving your home – to help with […]

The Season of Giving

This is the Season of giving. As we realize how blessed we are, our hearts and our hands reach toward those who are less fortunate. If you don’t have a favorite charity or cause, here are some of we recommend: The United Way. The United Way of Alamance County funds twenty-seven agencies here in our […]