For Sale by Owner. It Sounds Great…

I’ve seen it many times. For Sale by Owner may sound good in theory, but over and over (and over), I’ve seen the downside. I’ll be blunt. Selling your own home is like trying to do surgery on yourself. You need an expert. Here are five reasons that FSBO is not a good idea. 1. […]

Talking Trash

I was really inspired lately when I read an article about the progressive way that trash is handled in Sevier County, Tennessee, home to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge. (Ready about it here.) Over 100,000 tons of waste goes through their facility every year, yet they compost almost everything that comes into the plant. In fact, […]

Free Ways to Monitor Your Credit

It seems like everyone gets hacked. It started with Target, and now Delta and Sears have been compromised. Even worse, Equifax – the company monitoring credit to start with – has had its security breached, which means our personal information is now very vulnerable to being stolen. What’s a consumer to do? The answer is […]

Comparison Shopping for a Mortgage

When you’re shopping for a home, the mortgage you choose can mean the difference of thousands of dollars over the years. That’s why it’s important that you shop for your mortgage. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you look around. Bank or Broker or Something Else? There are lots of places to […]

Personal Ads: Finding a Home When You Live Out of Town

Finding a home to purchase when you live out of town is like going on a blind date. When you ‘meet’ a home only on the internet, you’re naturally only being shown the best side. You have to see a home in person and spend some time there to really get to know it, and […]

How To Win the House that Everyone Wants

A couple of weeks ago there was a home on Charles Street in Mebane that went on the market for $135,000. In only a few days, the house had four offers, all over asking price. The seller had their pick of the lot. One person that wanted the house got it; they paid $1000 due […]

Putting the “MOD” Back in Modular Homes

Let’s face it. Most people don’t have a high opinion of modular homes. There are concerns about quality and style as well as resale value. It’s an outmoded view. The current modular is on the cutting edge of technology, and an increasing number of people are finding modular home an attractive option. Modus Operandi: Quailty. […]

The Survey Says…You Need a Survey.

If you ask 100 residents of Alamance, Orange, and Guilford Counties, you’ll hear story after story about uncertain property boundaries. A survey is always a good idea for people who are buying or selling a home. Even if you have no plans to move, a survey can be beneficial to you as a homeowner. Why? […]

Mebane’s Dogwood Festival

The 30th Annual Dogwood Festival is coming up April 27 and 28th. Now that it’s finally stopped snowing, you can get out your walking shoes for the big day! The fun starts on Friday with a Golf Tournament, a 5k run, and a run just for kids. Then the Mason Lovette Band takes the stage […]

Home Warranty: To Insurance – and Beyond

Your home insurance policy covers your house and its contents in case of a disaster. If you have a kitchen fire, or a storm blows a tree onto your roof, you are covered. But what if your HVAC breaks, or the pipes back up? These are expenses you must pay out of pocket. Because of […]