The Cold Facts of Selling a House in the Winter

It’s true. The housing market slows down in the winter. Kids are in school. Nobody wants to move during the holidays. It’s cold. But don’t think that houses don’t move during these months, because they do. We’re closing ten homes in December alone! Here are five reasons that I’ve found that make winter a good […]

Let’s Talk About Taxes…During the Holidays. :/

I hate to bring this up during the holiday season, but while there was so much up in the air about taxes, it got us to thinking. Both House and Senate versions of the new tax law proposed major changes that could affect homeowners. Turns out, for most of us, that property tax deduction is […]

For Sale by Owner. It Sounds Great…

I’ve seen it many times. For Sale by Owner may sound good in theory, but over and over (and over), I’ve seen the downside. I’ll be blunt. Selling your own home is like trying to do surgery on yourself. You need an expert. Here are five reasons that FSBO is not a good idea. 1. […]

We Are Thankful!

We wrote thankful notes this year. As always, it’s a wonderful thing to count our blessings. They are many… “Sitting at home on my comfy couch, surrounded by my slumbering husband and two kitties, in my warm and cozy home, watching one of my favorite shows and texting two of my best friends about our […]

History of 4922 Kimesville Road

Michael Shoffner House 4922 Kimesville Road c. 1828/1925 A-9-3 The Michael Shoffner house (1828-1862) was also the Will Spoon home (1862-c. 1940). Michael Shoffner owned roughly two hundred slaves, and their quarters were lined along a path that ran from the house to the southeast. Originally, the house was four rooms with two on each […]

What’s the Difference: Earnest Money vs Due Diligence Fees

Lots of our clients are confused by due diligence fees, primarily because in North Carolina, due diligence has only been a law since 2011. Before that, there was only something called earnest money. The due diligence fee is the amount paid by the buyer directly to the seller when an offer on a house is […]

Donor’s Choose

November is the time for giving thanks. Somehow, when we realize how blessed we are, it makes us want to share with others. I’m passionate about helping educators. I’ve seen firsthand their dedication and heart, and know that many times they dig deep into their own pockets to equip their classrooms. is a website […]

Boo! Halloween Happenings in Alamance County

You’re going to need a bigger bag. Check out the Halloween fun all around Alamance County: October 27 Downtown Burlington, 3pm-5pm. A Halloween costume parade beings at 3:00. Line up at the municipal building starting at 2:15, and follow the Graham High Drum Line to the Depot. Trick or Treating begins throughout downtown from 3:30 […]

Mebane Home Tour!

Have you ever wished you could go inside some of the beautiful old homes in downtown Mebane? This Saturday and Sunday, October 21 and 22nd, you can do just that, during the annual Harvest House Tour, sponsored by the Mebane Historical Museum. Six gorgeous homes are on display, each with its own story of renovation […]

Putting the “Group” in Dudley Realty Group

Whether you’re selling or buying a house with the Cindy Dudley Realty Group, you’re going to get an agent that is focused on what you need. That’s why we’re a group – an agency of REALTORS® who specialise in one area of real estate. If you’re selling, Cindy Dudley is our seller’s agent. She makes […]