Going Over 50 (SRES)

Homebuyers and homesellers over age 50 (and yes, I’m looking in the mirror) have a varying set of needs when it comes to housing. Some of us are downsizing due to an empty nest. Some are looking for a retirement home near the grandkids – or a golf course. For others, moving into a retirement […]

Fee Free Freezes Of Credit

We’re hearing a lot about data breaches lately. With so much personal information floating around cyberspace, it’s easier than ever for thieves to open lines of credit under the name of totally unsuspecting individuals. How does this happen? First of all, a thief steals (or just finds) your personal information – your name, social security […]

Hurricane Hint…

Quick hurricane survival hint that may save the food in your freezer and make sure you have water to drink. Fill up your freezer with water. You can use bottled water, but you can fill plastic containers, zip close bags, and pitchers with tap water. The day before the storm, fill up a cooler with […]

How Do I Sell a House I Inherited?

When someone leaves you a house, you are also left with a myriad of emotions – and questions. Should you keep the home? Should you rent it? Sell it? What about all the furniture and other belongings? With fresh grief, it’s easy to make emotional and hasty decisions. Once you decide to sell, sometimes it’s […]

Shifting Markets

It’s been a seller’s market for a really long time. The average home value is rising, yet homes in Alamance County are selling fast. Housing is in high demand, and there are usually competing offers that often exceed asking price. Changing Times. But like all things, nothing stays the same. We’ve all seen that mortgage […]

Buyer’s Agent: Your Jerry Maguire

Remember Jerry Maguire? He was a sports agent and his aim was to get the very best for his clients. He gave advice and negotiated deals, helping his people get the contract they deserved. Show Me the Money. When you’re looking for a home, you need the same thing – someone who will have your […]

Bonding for Our Kids’ Future

Alamance County has long been known as a great place to raise a family. That’s one of the reasons we have so many families who live here and commute to work in other counties. The Alamance County School System, however, is stretched to the max. It’s overcrowded; despite all the growth, we haven’t built a […]

Home Inspections: They’re Not Personal

A buyer hires a home inspector to find any and all problems or potential problems in a home. So they’re looking for things that are wrong. Sometimes, when a seller gets a long list of things to correct, it hurts. I’ve seen many a seller take it personally. It’s hard not to, because most sellers […]

Chick-fil-A Causes Mebane to Rejoice!

Mebane residents have long asserted that their hometown is just about perfect. The one complaint that eroded the smalltown charm was that Mebane didn’t have a Chick-fil-A . That’s about to change. At the last city council meeting, Herndon Properties asked for conditional rezoning to build a restaurant with a drive thru window on Mebane […]

Loan Origination Fees

When you get a loan through a bank or a broker, you know that you’re going to have to pay back the price of the loan plus interest. But there are other costs as well. Paying the Banker. One of these costs is the price that you pay to the loan officer for all the […]