For Sale by Owner. It Sounds Great…

House for saleI’ve seen it many times. For Sale by Owner may sound good in theory, but over and over (and over), I’ve seen the downside. I’ll be blunt. Selling your own home is like trying to do surgery on yourself. You need an expert. Here are five reasons that FSBO is not a good idea.

1. We’ll get you more money. Yes, even with our commission, statistics say that selling with a REALTOR® nets you 5 – 10% more than FSBO. You read that right; that does include our fees. In the past months we had a client who had been attempting to sell her home by herself. She listed it at 94,900. It stayed on the market (in this seller’s market!) for two weeks with no nibbles.
We listed it on a Tuesday, and it went under contract for $100,000 on Friday. She netted more, plus we did all the work!

2. We can market better. First off all, with us, you’re on three listing services, meaning your house will be in a list of homes searched by millions. Not to mention that you’re on the Keller Williams list. There are 214 KW agents in the Burlington office alone. That’s exposure. Add in Facebook, signage, networking, and all the other things we do, and you’ll realize that our marketing is more effective than what an individual can do.

3. We qualify prospects. Before we show your house to anyone, we make sure that they can afford it.

4. We dot the i’s and cross the t’s. We know the laws and the tiny details that make real estate transactions so complicated. We are trained, licensed, and we do real estate day in and day out. Most people don’t realize the legal risk that you take if you sell a home without proper disclosures.

5. We save you time. Marketing, legwork, legal stuff, showing the house, and all the other little things that you don’t think about take a lot of time from your day. When we work for you, there are hours and hours of work that we’re doing on your behalf.

If you’re considering selling your house on your own, give me a call. Let us tell you our experiences and give you the numbers. FSBO sounds great, but saving even more time and money – IS great!