Homeowners 101: Recordkeeping

record keeping for homeAs Spring approaches, most of us start to do projects around the house. This year, while you’re cleaning and repairing, take some time to start a record keeping system to to organize the information relating to your house and property.

For example, when was your air conditioner unit installed? What company replaced your roof? Where is the instruction manual for your security system? What is the name of your homeowner’s insurance company? What color and type paint did you use for the entry? What pattern tile is on the bathroom floor in the master?

We recommend that you gather all your hard copies of documents and file them in one area, but makes scans of them as well. Place hard copies in a safe or safe deposit box. Keep one copy on your computer, and upload another copy to ‘the cloud’. Evernote.com is one of the best places to store such notes, but other options include Google Drive, Amazon storage, and Dropbox.

Things you should store include:

     •Dates of maintenance and repair of appliances, HVAC, pools, etc.
     •Telephone numbers of plumbers, electricians, and others who have done work on your home.
     •Dates of purchases of things that would remain with your home when sold.
     •Home improvement records.
     •Homeowner’s and other insurance policies.
     •Building permits.
     •Mortgage documents.
     •Property tax records.
     •Paint chips or color numbers.
     •Notes about landscaping, such as names of plants.
     •Information about valuables you may have.
     •Home inventories, including photos of furniture, collectibles, jewelry, and other valuables.
     •Family records and photos.
     •Medical records.
     •Social security cards and passports.

If you were to lose your home to a disaster, having your information digitally available will save you a lot of time and heartache. This Spring, we challenge you to get your home notebook together – physically and virtually.

What about you? Where and how do you store your records for your home and family? Do you have any suggestions of things we should add to our list?