How To Cook While You’re Selling Your House

staging kitchen hintsSo you’ve staged your kitchen, and it looks good enough to be featured in Better Homes. The trouble is, you still have to eat, and eating means cooking, and cooking means messes and smells. How can you make your kitchen seem like it’s unused – when you’re still using it?!

1. Use disposable goods. Recyclable products make for faster cleanups.

2. Cook once, eat twenty times. Some genius woman has come up with a system to cook 20 really delicious crockpot meals in one time. You spend three to four hours prepping twenty meals, then you thaw and cook them in the crockpot, only adding a few more ingredients. It’s almost magic. Really. And yes, we’ve done it.

3. Eat out. It’s more expensive, but you can find restaurants where kids eat free, use some of those coupons that arrive in your junk mail, or buy an Attractions Book from the kid next door.

4. Eat with friends. You know you’ve had people who have said to you, “If there is anything I can do, ask.” Well, ask.

5. Dine outside. This cuts down on smells, and the messes on the kitchen floor.

chocolate chip cookies6. Bake and Simmer. Of course, if you’re simmering hot cider or baking bread or chocolate chip cookies, you don’t have to hide the fact that you’re cooking. Prospective buyers will love it. And so will we…Did we mention chocolate chip cookies?

7. Burn candles. Soothing vanilla or cinnamon candles are great for cleaning the air.

8. Use Grandma’s remedies. Granny always said that leaving out a cup of vinegar or ammonia would absorb odors. We can’t confirm this, although our Granny’s track record of good advice is pretty strong.

9. Eschew odorous foods. Don’t eat fish, fry onions or garlic, or warm up curry. There are other less odorous foods that you may cook.

The good news is that the more ‘staged’ you keep your kitchen, the faster your home will sell and you’ll be installed in a new place. In the meantime, if you have any cookies left over…we’ll come help you clean those up.