Personal Ads: Finding a Home When You Live Out of Town

looking for a house living out of townFinding a home to purchase when you live out of town is like going on a blind date. When you ‘meet’ a home only on the internet, you’re naturally only being shown the best side. You have to see a home in person and spend some time there to really get to know it, and the neighborhood.

Here are some ideas that will help you find the perfect match.

Get Your Bearings. Discover all you can about the place you are moving. Look on a map and see where your workplace will be, and figure out how far you are willing to commute. Then do some research about the whole area. Which places have the best schools, and are close enough to shopping or medical care? Find a couple of neighborhoods that will be a good fit for you. And that’s where we come in…

Find an Agent. A good agent is like a good matchmaking friend. Because they know you, and because they know the area, they can set you up with homes that you’ll most likely feel compatible with. At Dudley Realty Group, we are careful to listen to you and find out exactly what you want. Because we know Alamance County, we can find places that spark your interest the most – from a vintage home within walking distance of downtown to a new construction with lots of land.

Do a Search. You don’t have to leave it all to us. Do an online search for homes using our search site, which covers all three multiple listing services in our area. See what’s out there. You may find something that strikes your fancy.

Get Social. The internet is also a great place to scope out prospects before you make a formal contact. Find the neighborhood or city page for the area you are moving to. Check out the local newspaper. Read reviews on businesses and restaurants.

Take a Trip. Although it is occasionally done, it’s usually wise not to get hitched before you have a face to face meeting. If possible, take a couple of days to stay in the area, and see if there’s instant chemistry, a definite turnoff – or that comfortable feeling that you know will grow into love. We can help you make the arrangements for your first date.

We’ll Close Up For You. Once you have decided on the home for you, we’ll walk you through the rest – all the way to closing. And unlike real life marriages, you don’t even have to be here!

Lots of people move to Alamance County and work in other places, like RTP or the Triad. If you’re moving here and are looking for an REALTOR®, give us a call. We’d love to help you find the home of your dreams. And we don’t care if you scope us out on the internet first.