Politics is About People

ImpactAlamanceIt’s a rare event for me to comment on an election, but when it comes to the future of our children and the schools, I can’t not comment. In the November election, there are three items that will help our schools:

1. Alamance County School Bonds, authorizing bonds to build new and improve existing schools.
2. Alamance Community College Bonds, authorizing bonds to expand and improve ACC.
3. Sales Tax increase of .25%.

Each of these will have minimal effect* on our pocketbooks today, but will have great effect on our future as a county. It’s an investment that will pay off financially (and in many other ways) in the future.

I urge you to vote “Yes”, “Yes”, and then “Yes” for these three initiatives at the bottom of the ballot. Vote 3 for Education. Our kids are truly counting on you.

*From the Alamance Bonds website. “For the average homeowner, the tax implications would be minimal, and we will still enjoy a much lower tax rate than the counties around us. However, we need the local sales and use tax to keep property taxes low. The sales tax will generate about $4.8 million annually, and it spreads the cost of the bonds beyond homeowners, to shoppers who visit our retail stores.”