This house went under contract in just 2 days because it was Priced-to-Sell!!

The most important part of selling your house is definitely the price.

It is the bottom line for both you and the buyer who wants your house. It’s easy for a seller to want to price their home as high as possible when first listing, but there is a real danger in doing so without taking some important factors into consideration.

If you overprice your home

you run a high risk of getting few showings and low offers or worse, none at all. After a few weeks on the market, the buzz of your house as a new listing will wane and buyers will lose interest. The truth is, the price of your home is not subjective, and it’s not about how much you think it is worth.

To arrive at your price tag, you must establish the real value of your house.

Finding the true value of your house involves:
1) Comparing similar properties in your neighborhood;
2) Making adjustments for the differences between them;
3) Looking at how much inventory there is in your area; and
4) Looking at what direction the market is leaning.

Appraisers use these same guidelines to arrive at the value of homes. Ultimately, the state of the market is what dictates a property’s value.

This house went under contract in just 4 days because it was Priced-to-Sell!!

Don’t be discouraged by this information!

As your listing agent, I will employ the principles above, along with unique details I find in your property that we can use to your advantage in getting you the best price. Just like every person out there looking at houses is unique, with different interests and needs; every house is different and offers something that will appeal to a certain audience.

Call me today and let’s get started to Price-It-Right!!