Recipe: My Grandmother’s Fruit Bars

Grandmother Pirrello and four generations

Grandmother Pirrello and four generations

My grandmother Teresa Pirrello was a first generation American. Her parents actually met while immigrating to the United States from Sicily; she was 14 and he was 16. They got married shortly after, and my grandmother was their first child. She had a fascinating life, for example, she started working at TJ Maxx when she was 72, and worked there until she retired at age 92.

One of the recipes passed down to us from my Grandmother Pirrello is this amazing fruit bar. Here it is as she typed it. My mom makes it every Christmas, and I’d like to share my our family tradition with you!

PS Scroll down for a picture of the fruit bars.

fruit bars

italian fruit bars

Thanks to my mom for making the fruit bars once again this year!