The Time Cindy Was Speechless

First of all, we have to tell you that Cindy didn’t write this blog post. We snuck into her account so that we can brag on her….

You see, each month, one deserving person from Keller Williams in Burlington receives a “Culture Award”. The person who receives the award passes it on the next month to someone they find deserving, and so on and so forth. This month, Cindy received that award from a newer agent named Emily Overman.

Emily gave a very sweet and tearful speech about how much Cindy supported and encouraged her when she needed it the most as a newcomer to the business. Cindy was almost speechless and very moved. It really does mean everything to her to be someone that people can come to for help.

As serious as Cindy is about her business, and as high and tough her standards are for people in the industry, she cares deeply about the trials of other people and would give anything to someone in need.

So…here’s to Cindy. We’re proud of you, and we think you’re the best of the best.

PS: As you can see in the picture, Cindy got a couple of other awards, too!

cindys award