Under Contract? Your Journey is Almost Over…Just Not Yet!

the road to closingThe process of selling a home is long, and there are a lot of moving pieces to a very long list. First you decide to sell and then choose an agent. You get your home ready, we put it on the market, you stage it, we show it, and finally, someone makes on offer. You and the prospective buyer negotiate a contract, putting you so close to the end of the process that you can see journey’s end. Close, but you have a few more milestones…

Due Diligence Street. The next period of time is called the ‘due diligence’ time. This is when the buyer arranges for home inspections of your home. If issues are found, the buyer will ask you to make repairs, or will ask for a reduction in the price of the home. After repairs are made, there is a re-inspection.

Financing and Insurance Boulevard. During this same time, the buyer will finalize any financing. Occasionally, your home won’t appraise to the asking price, so there may be some adjustments here as well. Insuring a home isn’t usually an issue, but there are occasionally questions that come up with the insurer that must be addressed.

Title Search Court. You’d be surprised what issues crop up with title searches! Liens, easement issues, and boundary disputes are a few of the problems that might come to light.

The good news for our clients is that we help you through these last few steps, and then take care of everything at the closing itself. We hand over the keys, and even make sure your money is delivered correctly.

We’ve traveled the road to closing many times, and can guide you and give you advice about each step you take. And if we do say so ourselves – we make pretty good traveling companions.